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  • Franco-Romande Neurology Meeting
    on the May 12, 2017
    On May 12th, in the framework of the "Franco-Romande Neurology Meeting" ("Réunion Franco-Romande de Neurologie"), Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti will present a talk on "Mirror neurons and new horizons in Neuroscience", at 8.30 AM, Amphithéâtre Boucherle, Faculté de Médecine

From Neurons to Social Cognition in Grenoble

The NeuroCoG project aims to understand the biological, neurophysiological and functional bases of behavioral and cognitive processes in normal and pathological conditions, from cells to networks and from individual to social cognition. NeuroCoG is based on a wide-spectrum interdisciplinary approach (e.g. fundamental and cognitive neuroscience, chemistry, physics, cognitive and social psychology, education, language sciences, computer sciences, applied mathematics, and engineering; as well as clinical specialties such as neurology and psychiatry).

No decisive progress can be achieved in this area without an ambitious interdisciplinary approach. The interdisciplinary ambition of NeuroCoG is particularly strong, bringing together the best scientists, engineers and clinicians at the crossroads of experimental and life sciences, human and social sciences and information and communication sciences, to answer major questions on the functioning of brain and cognition.