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  • Seminar of Marcello Massimini (Université de Milan)
    Consciousness and Brain Complexiy: insights from Cortical Perturbations
    11.30 am at GIN - Amphi Serge Kampf
  • Seminar of Manu Procyk
    MidCingulate Cortex and adaptive behaviours: a sensorimotor perspective
    11.30 am at GIN - Amphi Serge Kampf
  • Seminar of Nathan Faivre - CNRS, Paris-Sorbonne
    Influences of bodily signals on (meta)awareness
  • On Friday 14 december 2018, from 11am to 1pm, at Amphi Jacques Cartier (Maison des langues et des cultures - Campus universitaire), NeuroCog will continue its cycle of seminars by inviting Mike Page (Joint Acting Head of Department of Psychology and Sport Sciences, Reader in Psychology, Head of Research Centre in Psychology and Sport Sciences, Director, Cube Project (, University of Hertfordshire, UK), Alexandra Ernst (LPNC) and Kourken Michaelian (PPL) for a conference entitled "from new learning to reconstructing what never happened (yet)"

From Neurons to Social Cognition in Grenoble

The NeuroCoG project aims to understand the biological, neurophysiological and functional bases of behavioral and cognitive processes in normal and pathological conditions, from cells to networks and from individual to social cognition. NeuroCoG is based on a wide-spectrum interdisciplinary approach (e.g. fundamental and cognitive neuroscience, chemistry, physics, cognitive and social psychology, education, language sciences, computer sciences, applied mathematics, and engineering; as well as clinical specialties such as neurology and psychiatry).