Vision Brain Signal Processing (ViBS)

Achard Sophie
Multi-modality, multivariate statistical signal processing, brain connectivity networks, Brain Computer Interface, neurofeedback, visual perception and vision.


The team ViBS develops advanced and innovative methodologies for the processing of brain signals using different modalities (EEG, gaze, or fMRI). These methodologies are applied to brain machine interfaces, neurofeedback or neural mecanism for vision processing. 

Permanent staff

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Last name First name Mail
Achard Sophie
Barthelmé Simon
Congedo Marco
Guérin-Dugué Anne
Guyader Nathalie
Jutten Christian
Phlypo Ronald
Rivet Bertrand

Corresponding Research Areas in NeuroCoG

Neural cells and neural networks: yes
Cognitive functions: yes
Social and cognitive interactions: no
Parkinson’s Disease (PD): no

Published on August 27, 2018