Laboratoire Radiopharmaceutiques Biocliniques (LRB)

Ghezzi Catherine
Preclinical and clinical nuclear imaging, Tau protein, Alzheimer disease.


Development of new radiopharmaceuticals (nanobodies targeting Tau protein) for the diagnosis of Alzheimer disease in nuclear imaging (SPECT and TEP) and for the help to the development of new therapies.


Laboratory's website : in progress

Permanent staff

Last name First name Mail
Ahmadi Mitra
Bacot Sandrine
Fagret Daniel
Ghezzi Catherine
Debiossat Marlène
Moulin Marcelle
Perret Pascale

Corresponding Research Areas in NeuroCoG

Neural cells and neural networks: yes
Cognitive functions: no
Social and cognitive interactions: no
Parkinson’s Disease (PD): no
Alzheimer’Disease (AD): yes

Published on August 30, 2018