Amyloid Fibers: From Foldopathy to NanoDesign

Forge Vincent
Amyloid fibers, protein engineering, amyloidosis diagnostic, peptide design, bioelectronics


The Affond team is interested in the mechanisms of amyloid fiber formation from in vitro (biophysics) to in vivo (model mice). The objectives are to get insight into the links between the formation of oligomers / amyloid fibers and the inflammatory reactions leading to neurodegenerative processes. We also develop a strategy for the early diagnosis of amyloidosis by specific targeting of amyloid deposits by peptides.

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FORGE Vincent

Corresponding Research Areas in NeuroCoG

Neural cells and neural networks: yes
Cognitive functions: no
Social and cognitive interactions: no
Parkinson’s Disease (PD): yes

Published on August 27, 2018