Social and cognitive interactions

We examine the inter-personal interactions that modify cognitive functions and introduce additional variables and which enable novel experimental paradigms. The effect of inter-personal interaction on neurocognitive functioning will be explored for the cognitive functions mentioned previously. This type of research requires a multidisciplinary approach, and the involvement of human and social science disciplines is particularly important.

Inter-personal interactions (“Hot” cognition)

“Cognition in interaction” is conceived as “hot cognition”, as cognition is driven by emotions, motivation, stress, social evaluation and priors, under cognitive control. Our objective is to develop innovative research capitalizing on an interdisciplinary approach within the above-mentioned spectrum.

Cognitive systems and human-computer interaction

Humans interact with a number of devices and communication systems conceived by other humans. Such “cognitive systems” are supposed to incorporate cognitively-inspired principles for efficient communication. Our aim is to develop cognitive robotics, human-computer communication, conversational agents, and new generations of cognitive systems.

Published on April 7, 2017