Neural cells and neural networks

We focus on (a) the analysis of normal and dysfunctional neural functioning at the cell and network level in healthy and pathological brains, and (b) the elaboration of bio-inspired models and systems that elucidate the neural basis of human cognition and support the development of devices and systems for enhanced communication. There are two major themes:

Neural functioning

The aim is to understand the neurobiological functioning of neural cells, from biophysical/chemical interactions to information processing of single cells and those within small neural assemblies. This will combine in vitro studies and in vivo measurements on animal models, as well as behavioral and neurophysiological human data; other dimensions such as mathematics of dynamical systems, statistical modeling and signal processing, will be developed in order to connect structure and function.

Neural networks and bio-inspired systems

The aims are (a) the development of advanced tools for brain signal processing and brain image analyses, (b) the elaboration of novel functional and computational principles to characterize the connectivity and dynamics of cortical networks, and (c) to describe the cerebral correlates of cognitive functions.

Published on April 7, 2017