Cognitive functions

We focus on the mechanisms and cerebral substrates of cognitive functions in an interdisciplinary perspective (humanities, life sciences, cognitive sciences and information processing). There are two major themes:

Perception & Action systems

We will investigate how perceptive and motor systems function and interact, to deal and act with our complex environment, with a special focus on multisensory interactions, perceptual and motor coupling, as well as functional adaptations to perturbations and disabilities. We will combine behavioral, neurophysiological and neuroimaging data with computational and neurophysiological models.

Language & Memory systems

We explore cognitive mechanisms and cerebral substrates of language and memory processes by combining psycholinguistic, neuropsychological, neurophysiological, neuroimaging and computational modeling in healthy individuals with typical language development and processing and in patients with atypical development and dysfunctions. Our work is performed from a lifespan perspective.
Published on April 6, 2017