Veronica Munoz Ramirez, specialized in MRI and languages

Phd student at GIN/INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes
Veronica Munoz Ramirez is a PhD student at the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience (GIN) and INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes. She is working on the detection of abnormal regions in the recently diagnosed Parkinsonian brain using Magnetic Resonance imaging. She is under the supervision of Michel Dojat, INSERM Research Director, specialized in methods for structural and functional image processing in human or animal brain studies and neuroinformatics, and Florence Forbes, Senior Researcher (Director of Research) at INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes, specialized in statistical learning techniques involving bayesian image analysis, mixture model , clustering techniques, Markov processes and Markov Random Fields.


24 years old



Working speciality

MRI quantitative imaging / Mixture Models


Hobbies out of work

Languages, crafts, travelling


What is your current research theme?

I’m currently working on the detection of abnormal regions in the recently diagnosed Parkinsonian brain using Magnetic Resonance imaging. Using different MR modalities we are able to build a statistical model that describes healthy individuals and from this we can discriminate atypical regions in our patients. Our goal is to use the characteristics of these regions as early biomarkers of Parkinsons Disease.

What has led you to this research work?

As I completed my degree in Biomedical Engineering I became more and more interested in medical imaging. During my M2 internship at CREATIS I worked on epilepsy MR images and that allowed me to enter into the fascinating field of neuroimaging.

What has been your biggest challenge since you started?

Gathering human cohorts is never an easy task. Establishing the research protocol and obtaining the approval of the ethics committee has been a heavy procedure but we are enthusiastic to start imaging subjects for our study at the beginning of this summer.

What does interdisciplinarity bring to your project?

Belonging to two different labs has allowed me to manage every step of my pipeline : the MR image acquisition, data management, post-processing, statistical model learning. It has been very educational to understand the different areas of opportunity in the project.

And after the research, what are your main activities?

I really like learning languages, I’m currently learning German on my free time as I would like to make a road trip in Germany and Austria in a couple of years. I also enjoy hands on crafts, embroidery, cooking … those kinds of things.

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Published on April 3, 2019