Inférence et Processus Stochastiques (IPS)

Benhenni Karim
Non parametric statistics, dependent data, stochastic processes, Monte Carlo simulation methods, longitudinal and/or censored data.


On one hand we propose analysis and modelization for clinical data (possibly censored and/or longitudinal), with the help of mixed effects models (fixed or random). On the other hand, we propose to explore modelization issues in the field of neural networks, using Stochastic Differential Equations (SDE).

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Laboratory's website : Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (LJK)

Permanent staff

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Leblanc Frédérique
Etoré Pierre

Corresponding Research Areas in NeuroCoG

Neural cells and neural networks: PE
Cognitive functions: FL
Social and cognitive interactions: FL
Parkinson’s Disease (PD): FL, PE

Published on April 13, 2017