From Development to Repair

Nawabi Homaira
Regeneration ; Retina ; Development ; Nervous system ; nervous circuits


The main question we are interested in is to reconstruct functional nervous circuits following a trauma. Therefore we are using mouse optic nerve as a model to study axonal regeneration mechanisms and to build de novo functional circuits. Our ultimate goal is to use our approaches to repair more complexes systems such as the brain or the spinal cord.

Permanent staff

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NAWABI Homaira

NeuroCoG reasearch areas the team is involved in

Cellules et réseaux : yes
Fonctions cognitives : no
Cognition et interaction : no
Parkinson : no

Corresponding Research Areas in NeuroCoG

Neural cells and neural networks: yes
Cognitive functions: no
Social and cognitive interactions: no
Parkinson’s Disease (PD): no

Published on April 13, 2017