Read my lips and you will learn new words : visual exploration of talking faces by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Postdoc: Mathilde Fort
Laboratories: GIPSA-lab / LPNC

In France, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) impacts 2 out of 1000 persons below age 20 per year. Classically, children with ASD show deficits in understanding the communicative signals of their social partners (emotions, language and intentions). In this project, we investigate whether their language impairments, come from the fact that, in daily situations, they are not paying enough attention to the faces (and especially to their mouth region) of others. First, we will first adopt a developmental an experimental approach, to directly link how children with ASD visually explore talking faces and how they learn new words from them. Second, using a bayesian modelisation persepective, we will identify which attentional of mechanism could be eventually atypical and responsible for their deficits. This multidisciplinary approach could not only help identifying the cognitive precursors of ASD, but also provide new tools for clinical rehabilitation.


Published on June 11, 2018