Extraction of signatures in the MRI data of 'de novo' parkinsonian patients

PhD Student: Véronica Munoz Ramirez
Laboratories: GIN / INRIA

Parkinson’s disease is well know for its movement-related (“motor”) symptoms. This thesis project aims to study the physiopathological mechanisms specific to Parkinson’s disease to characterize the non-motor symptoms that precede the motor symptoms and to identify new imaging biomarkers allowing an earlier diagnosis. To do this, we will take advantage of the advances in structural and functional MRI imaging to study a variety of parameters such as subcortical structures size, hemodynamic information, brain diffusivity and functional data to constitute individual and group signatures of Parkinson’s disease with the help of multi-variant unsupervised classification and clustering methods. These signatures will be compared to the knowledge of experts to bring out relevant biomarkers.



Published on October 8, 2018