Emotion and cognition in de novo parkinson's disease patients

PhD Student: Elie Poncet
Laboratories: LPNC / CHUGA-GIN

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most frequent neurodegenerative disorder . Unfortunately, there is yet no cure for PD and no neuroprotective treatment. Besides motor symptoms, PD patients show an alteration in several cognitive processes. The disease does not progress in the same way with all the patients and some of them will rapidly develop dementia. Thus one of the challenges associated with PD is to identify subtypes of the disease to predict its evolution and to individualize the treatment accordingly.

The aim of my project is to characterize the neural bases of emotional dysfunctions in newly diagnosed patients. Using neuropsychological tests, clinical data and fMRI, we plan to identify network biomarkers linked with emotional deficits. A characterization of the neural networks involved in such dysfunctions would allow a better subtyping of patients and an earlier diagnosis based on non-motor symptoms.


Published on June 11, 2018