Axon guidance mechanisms during central nervous system regeneration

PhD Student: Céline Tardy
Laboratories: GIN / LTM

The non-regeneration of neurons in the central nervous system (CNS-brain and spinal cord) leads to irreversible loss of cognitive and motor functions after an injury. Using optic nerve that belongs to the CNS, our team has successfully developed a long-distance regeneration model, providing new perspectives for therapeutic strategies. However, about 50% of regenerating axons are misguided, which could lead to the formation of deleterious circuits. The goal of this project is to correct guidance defects in order to promote circuit formation and functional recovery. To do so, we will combine two innovative approaches: adult retina explant culture and microfluidics technology. This “visual system in a dish” will allow us to uncover axon guidance mechanisms in adult CNS during regeneration process.


Published on June 11, 2018