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Postdoctoral position : cognitive and neural processing of social (human-human) and nonsocial (human-object) interactions in human infants and adults

from February 28, 2020 to April 1, 2020

Institut des Sciences Cognitives "Marc Jeannerod"
Lyon (France)

Applications for a post-doctoral position are invited in the context of a research program investigating the cognitive and neural processing of social (human-human) and nonsocial (human-object) interactions in human infants and adults. The program is funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant (ERC-STG). Candidates with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience or related fields are encouraged to apply. Experience in with EEG or TMS methodology is a plus.

The appointed fellow will be in charge of the design of experiments, data acquisition and processing, writing scientific articles and dissemination activities (participation and presentation of the work in scientific events) and supervision of junior member of the team (master students).
The initial commitment is for two years renewable until 2023. The minimal salary is ~2000 euro (after taxes), with adjustments depending upon qualifications and experience.
The contract can start as early as March 1st, 2020, but we will continue evaluating applications until the position is filled.

The project is developed at the ISCMJ, a very exciting and vibrant research center that hosts twelve teams working on various fields of cognitive neuroscience. The life of the lab is organized to promote interaction and collaborations within and between the teams, with weekly seminars and recurrent workshops. The track record of the ISCMJ and the successful development of PhD theses in the past years make the ISCMJ a center for excellent research and training of students and researchers.
Further information on lab and department
If interested, please get in touch with Dr. Liuba Papeo or Dr. Jean-Remy Hochmann

Published on February 28, 2020

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CNRS, Institut des Sciences Cognitives "Marc Jeannerod"
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