Understanding brain and mind within an interdisciplinary perspective
The NeuroCoG project aims to understand the biological, neurophysiological and functional bases of behavioral and cognitive processes in normal and pathological conditions, from cells to networks and from individual to social cognition. NeuroCoG is based on a wide-spectrum interdisciplinary approach (e.g. fundamental and cognitive neuroscience, chemistry, physics, cognitive and social psychology, education, language sciences, computer sciences, applied mathematics, and engineering; as well as clinical specialties such as neurology and psychiatry). NeuroCoG will deliver significant findings for basic research, clinical applications and socio-economic impact.


The links between neurobiological processes, computations within neural networks, and the emergence of individual and collective cognitive mechanisms continue to be largely misunderstood.
These links provide the major scientific objective of NeuroCoG, with important potential developments in two sectors: the clinical field, considering the numerous neurological and cognitive pathologies, and in the industrial domain, in the development of technologies adapted to human users.


No decisive progress can be achieved in this area without an aspiring interdisciplinary approach. The interdisciplinary ambition of NeuroCoG is particularly strong, bringing together the best scientists, engineers and clinicians at the crossroads of experimental and life sciences, human and social sciences and information and communication sciences, to answer major questions on the workings of the brain and of cognition.

Project’s organization…

The scientific questions addressed by NeuroCoG require strong collaboration between various disciplines. More than a simple juxtaposition, the project calls for a real complementary and transformative multidisciplinary approach that will reshape our vision of research in neurocognition.

… and its international visibility

NeuroCoG is based on existing and recognized networks at local, national and international levels such as the FHU NeuroPsynov, the International excellence network on neurodegenerative disorders (GREEN), and the Pole Grenoble Cognition and Health and Society Research Alliance. NeuroCoG will develop scientific collaborations with the University of Lausanne and the Ecole Polytechnique Fe?de?rale de Lausanne, and improve international visibility of neurosciences and cognition within Univ. Grenoble Alpes.
NeuroCoG project is oriented within a perspective of continuous development, and our long-term objective is the creation of the Grenoble Institute for Brain & Cognition. Such an institute would integrate several disciplines at the Univ. Grenoble Alpes within acknowledged high-level teams and research laboratories, as well as techniques and equipment already available in Grenoble, including brain neuroimaging, in vivo platforms for cognitive experiments, and in situ programs for social evaluation.